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Eye Care Optometry of Moreno Valley In Moreno Valley, California

Are you looking for an eye care provider who treats your whole family like their very own? Eye Care Optometry of Moreno Valley is here to help! Our friendly and professional eye doctor offers eye exams and updates to your glasses and contact lens prescription, along with specialty services, including:

  • Myopia Control
  • Neuro-optometric eye care
  • Treatment for dry eye symptoms
  • Fittings for scleral lenses
  • Treatment for binocular vision dysfunction

We also offer a wide selection of stylish glasses frames and advanced contact lenses to help you see clearly and look great.

Want to learn more about how we can help? Contact our Moreno Valley eye doctors, or give us a call at 951-242-2020 today!

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neuro-optometry in Moreno Valley

Restoring Vision, Balance, and Quality of Life

Have you experienced dizziness, double-vision or a reduction in your enjoyment or quality of life after a traumatic brain injury, stroke, or other neurological incident? Effective visual function can only occur when the eyes and brain work together as a team to focus, track and perceive the world in motion around us.

Our neuro-optometric team helps patients retrain the brain and eyes to work together so you can get back to living your live to the fullest.

Our Optometrist Goes Beyond 20/20

Dr. Huong Vu OD

Dr. Huong Vu, O.D is a graduate of UC, Irvine and received her doctor of optometry from Pennsylvania College of Optometry. Her clinical training started with externships at the Eye Institute of Pennsylvania College of Optomtery, the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, and the Palo Alto VA Hospital in Palo Alto, CA, with completion of clinial excellence citation for all rotations. Dr Vu joined Eye Care Optometry of Moreno Valley after Dr Dorrance retired at the practice.

Dr Vu’s passion in optometry grew after she worked as an optician while attending college. Her educational and clinical experience has provided her a diverse understanding of optometry-related specialty care in order to commit to always just not meet patient expectations but to exceed them.

Dr Vu is passionate about educating her patients on how their eyes are the key to their health system and helping them to achieve their best vision Dr Vu is now part of Neuro Visual Medicines network to be able to treat binocular vision dysfunction, as well as part of TreeHouse Eyes to help fight myopia growth in kids vision.

Eye Care Optometry of Moreno Valley, Moreno Valley’s first optometry practice, has been providing vision care services for over 40 years. The Eye Care Network and Medical Eye Services had wrote “Your office provided exemplary vision care and has been awarded our Certificate of Excellence. This award is based on the feed back we received from MES vision patients who rated the practice “Excellent” in all surveyed categories".

Meet Our Eye Doctor
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Myopia Management in Moreno Valley, California

Does your child have myopia? If your child's prescription is increasing each year, contact Dr. Huong Vu for a consultation. Our practice offers evidence-based treatment to prevent the onset or reduce the progression of myopia in pediatric patients.

Worsening myopia is not just an inconvenience but also increases your child's risk of permanent vision loss. Let us help your child reduce the chance of developing sight-threatening eye diseases with our effective myopia management program.

Dry Eye in Moreno Valley, California

Suffering from dry eye disease not only diminishes your quality of life but also impacts your enjoyment of daily activities such as reading, sports, watching TV or driving. The most common factors that contribute to dry eye syndrome include allergies, tear quality, age, hormonal changes in women, genetics, environment, lifestyle, medications and the overall health of your eyes.

To understand the cause of your dry eyes contact us for a full assessment and a treatment plan that’s right for you.

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scleral contact lenses in Moreno Valley

Scleral Contact Lenses in Moreno Valley, California

Custom fit scleral lenses can dramatically improve visual acuity and comfort levels in people with corneal irregularities both due to complications following LASIK eye surgery and eye conditions including keratoconus, astigmatism and others.

Scleral lenses are larger than traditional lenses and sit firmly on the eye, offering more stable vision and enhanced comfort for many patients.

Eye Care Services In Moreno Valley

We take our time to listen to your story and develop a complete picture of your ocular and medical history. Expect the highest quality service thanks to our unique one-on-one approach.

We not only offer comprehensive eye exams using the most advanced technology- such as retinal imaging-but also provide dry eye treatment, myopia control, neuro-optometric rehabilitation, and fit you with a variety of specialized contact lenses for ultimate comfort and crisp vision.

Moreover, our wide selection of designer prescription glasses, reading glasses and designer sunglasses will leave you looking as stylish as ever. Our range of designer glasses spans from brand to brand, giving you the ultimate choice when choosing what eyeglasses you wish to go with.

Eye Care Optometry of Moreno Valley accepts a number of insurance plans to help cover your eye care costs.

Comprehensive Eye Exams
Binocular Vision
Contact Lenses
Dry Eyes
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Reviews from Our Patients
3 months ago
Dr. Vu and the staff are the best. Super friendly & helpful. Not trying to sell you items you don’t need etc. this will be my family’s new optometry office moving forward. It’s nice to be treated nicely!
- Chad M.
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